Extra-curricular activities

House Names


In memory of Sir Alexander Fleming FRS FRSE FRCS, a Scottish physician, microbiologist and pharmacologist, whose finest known discoveries out of many included enzyme lysozyme and the world’s first antibiotic benzyl penicillin, for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology.


Called after Abraham Lincoln, an American statesman, lawyer and the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln’s achievements among several were leading the United States through the American Civil War, preserving the Union, abolishing slavery, fortifying the federal government and revolutionizing the economy.


Christened after Sir Isaac Newton PRS FRS, an English mathematician, astronomer and theologian who is recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time, a significant figure in the scientific revolution and development of classical mechanics, optics and calculus.


Named after none other than Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, a British politician, army office, writer and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1940-1945. Winston was responsible for fruitfully leading Britain to victory in the Second World War.

our societies & projects

Media Unit
Media Unit
The scope of work carried out by the Media Unit would include ‘design and build,’ media solutions for various school events and public competitions with the aid and abetting given

through proactive training workshops, and tutorials conferred by the IT Department to improve all conceivable skills necessitated to build effective mass media resolutions.

Commerce Society
Commerce Society
The main activities in the society among many, would include organizing an annual Commerce Day, compiling a specialized School Magazine, establishing Cooperative Depositories,

founding a Banking Unit, instituting Business Projects, partaking in Debates, Discussions and Competitions on current affairs related to Markets and attending Extension Lectures and workshops to amplify knowledge as well as taking part in Career Guidance and Motivation programs.

Mask Group 2
A sustainable social service project
The launch of this purposeful project was an eye opener to its students; suggestively, it bequeathed hope in hopelessness. It, further,

provided an independent, evocative, learning platform for students from deprived backgrounds.

English Club
English Club
The aim of the ENGLISH CLUB is to develop the English language skills using out of the box techniques other than the same old essay writing, dictation, grammar so on and so forth.

Here, we create a platform where we use different learning tools such as activities, games, videos, act-outs, recitation, storytelling, general knowledge quizzes and also discussions in order to develop the student’s English Language skills. Basically, we do everything and anything which is out of the traditional classroom set-up and “not so formal” being true to our aim “DEVELOPING ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS”. The English club of the OASIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has always been a success and we are open to changes and additions in the future.