Oasis International School organizes a diverse range of events throughout the year, offering students a vibrant and engaging educational experience.

These events include cultural celebrations where students learn about different traditions and customs, Art exhibitions and music and drama performances provide platforms for students to express their creativity and talents. The school organizes field trips to enhance learning beyond the classroom, while graduation ceremonies mark significant milestones for graduating students. Workshops and guest speakers further enrich students’ knowledge and perspectives. These events at Oasis International School create a dynamic and inclusive environment, fostering growth, collaboration and a well-rounded educational experience.

Prefect Investiture

The Prefect Investiture holds significant importance as an annual event at Oasis International School, serving as a vital bridge between school authorities and students. Prefects assume the crucial role of fostering effective leadership while upholding the human rights of those under their guidance. Empowered with responsibility, they continuously strive to enhance discipline and decorum within the school. Our institution inspires young students to cultivate qualities that are essential for becoming exemplary leaders. Prefects are meticulously selected through a rigorous process, reflecting the utmost care in their appointment. The Investiture ceremony holds immense significance for the school and its students, as parents and distinguished guests gather to commemorate this auspicious occasion.

Prize Giving

The Prize Giving ceremony is an esteemed and scholarly event that serves as the culmination of the academic year. It holds a vital position in the School calendar, honouring students’ outstanding achievements. Prizes are awarded to students based on their academic performance throughout the year, requiring them to maintain a high average and excel in end-of-term examinations. These accolades recognize both General Proficiency and excellence in specific academic subjects. The Prize Giving ceremony is graced by teachers adorned in academic regalia, alongside proud parents and esteemed chief guests.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year

In our inclusive educational institution, we cherish and promote our diverse heritage of folklores. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year holds a special place in our school’s annual festivities, where we aim to showcase the enduring customs and traditions of both communities. The celebration starts with distinct rituals reflecting the essence of both cultures, instilling cultural awareness in our students. Alongside these traditions, we infuse the festivities with enjoyable activities, creating a vibrant and engaging environment. The event culminates in class parties, where students come together to celebrate and enjoy customary food and drinks, fostering a harmonious blending of cultural traditions and creating a holistic experience for all.


The Ramadan festival takes place every year, following the sacred month of fasting, reflection and prayer. Students gain a deep understanding of the festival’s immense moral and spiritual importance. They showcase their knowledge through dramatic performances and recitations of verses from the Quran, offering clear explanations of their meanings. The conclusion of the Ramadan festival is marked by delightful class parties where traditional food and drinks are served. Throughout the Ramadan period, students are motivated to engage in proactive social service projects, such as visiting orphanages and homes for the elderly, actively assisting those in need, as an integral part of Ramadan customs. 


Vesak, a vibrant and magnificent event, is joyously celebrated by our students. During Vesak, their boundless creativity knows no limits. Students are inspired to craft their own lanterns and create intricate electrical circuits for the Pandols. Moreover, they are encouraged to fashion lanterns and adorn neighbouring schools that are in need, while also engaging in a ‘Dan Sal’ as a meaningful exercise to cultivate the spirit of giving, which is deeply intertwined with the essence of Vesak.


Every year, the grandeur of Christmas is unveiled through a remarkable theatrical performance of profound moral importance, traditional nativity plays and melodious Christmas carols. Classrooms are adorned with customary Christmas decorations and symbolic Christmas trees. The festivities culminate with a memorable class party, featuring time-honoured Christmas treats and a visit from a timeless Santa Claus.

Founder’s and Independence Day

Founder’s Day at the School is observed in February in honour of the birthday of Malagalage Don Gunasena, the Founder of M. D. Gunasena and Company Limited. Interestingly, this occasion aligns with Independence Day. To mark this significant day, a special assembly is organized, where students gather to deliver motivational speeches, sing patriotic songs and showcase traditional dance performances. Through these activities, the school community pays tribute to the remarkable legacy of the founder and celebrates the spirit of patriotism.

Teachers’ and Children’s Days

Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day are celebrated to honour teachers’ contributions and promote the happiness of children. On Teachers’ Day, students express gratitude for their teachers’ dedication and knowledge. Children’s Day cherishes the unique qualities and potential of children and advocates for their rights. Teachers and students collaborate to plan activities, performances and games, fostering positive learning environments. These occasions strengthen bonds between educators and learners while emphasizing the importance of education and nurturing the younger generation. Together, they create memorable and impactful experiences that celebrate the invaluable role of teachers and the well-being of children.


Every year, the school celebrates Navratri, a festival dedicated to paying homage and showing reverence to three Hindu Goddesses. The event showcases legendary cultural and religious practices, meticulously performed with great precision. The festivities reach a joyful climax with a captivating song and dance performance that enlightens everyone about the significance of Navratri. As a delightful conclusion to the celebration, students are offered Pongal rice, a traditional dish symbolic of the ceremony, to provide them with a wholesome experience of the festival and bring Navratri to a flavourful end.

Sport Meet

The annual sports meet at Oasis International School is a grand occasion that involves the enthusiastic participation of students from across the entire school. This event fosters a spirit of healthy competition among the four houses, Fleming, Lincoln, Winston and Newton, as students engage in various inter-house events, from relay races to skillful meets, all aimed at accumulating points for their respective houses. The dedication of students extends beyond athletic skill, as they invest considerable time in adorning their houses, aiming to earn additional points through creative decorations.

The sports meet serves as a platform to showcase the best talents of our athletes, instilling a sense of healthy rivalry and determination in our students. Commencing with the symbolic lighting of the Olympic lamp, the event culminates in the triumphant distribution of cups and certificates. Integral to the festivities are the performances by the school band, along with commemorations of dance, drill and march past, adding an extra layer of vibrancy and excitement to the overall experience. This annual gathering not only celebrates physical aptitude but also promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and a strong sense of pride in one’s house.

Science Exhibition

Library Week

Every year, a Library Week is organized with the aim of promoting the significance of reading. This dedicated week is utilized to actively encourage children to engage in reading books, writing reviews and summarizing the content. Outstanding summaries produced by students are recognized and rewarded as an incentive to foster a love for reading and improve their skills. Additionally, Library Week emphasizes the importance of paper and book recycling, underscoring the value of sustainable practices in the literary world.

Language Day

Language Day is an annual event aimed at enhancing pedagogical proficiency in languages like English, Sinhala and Tamil. Students are encouraged to create and present meaningful pieces of work that showcase diversity and depth. Those who exhibit exceptional linguistic and literary skills receive well-deserved recognition. The organization of Language Day is entrusted to a team of highly regarded educators with expertise in language and literature. Esteemed external scholars are also an integral part of the event, invited to assess the talents of our students. Language Day has become a catalyst for students to strive for excellence in language and literature through public competitions.