Societies & Projects

Oasis International School offers a wide array of societies and projects that provide students with opportunities for exploration, collaboration, and personal growth. These societies cater to diverse interests and passions, ranging from academic subjects to arts and community service. These societies foster creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills, allowing students to pursue their passions and develop a well-rounded set of talents. Additionally, the school encourages students to engage in projects that contribute to the community and address real-world issues. Through these projects, students learn problem-solving, empathy and social responsibility. The societies and projects at Oasis International School create a dynamic and inclusive environment that supports students in pursuing their interests, making a positive impact and fostering personal and academic growth.

Media Unit

The inception of the Media Unit was a visionary step, aimed at providing students with a platform to eloquently articulate their thoughts and ideas. Embracing an extensive array of print and electronic media forms as well as contemporary media content, this initiative sought to empower students in expressing themselves through diverse mediums. However, the goals of the Media Unit reached far beyond mere self-expression; it aspired to nurture discerning media consumers, affirm their media culture and instil the virtues of critical thinking.

The multifaceted work carried out by the Media Unit encompassed the creation of captivating media solutions for a wide range of school events and public competitions. Within this scope, Photography and Videography emerged as pivotal components, lending their profound influence to the transformative power of visual storytelling. By weaving together, the threads of creativity and craftsmanship, the Media Unit breathed life into various projects, painting vivid narratives that resonated with the audience.

In its unwavering commitment to student development, the Media Unit extended a helping hand through a plethora of tools and methods. Proactive training workshops and tutorials, thoughtfully curated by the IT Department, were generously bestowed upon eager learners, equipping them with the indispensable skills needed to construct effective solutions. Embracing a holistic approach, these educational endeavours aimed to cultivate an all-encompassing skill set, fostering proficiency in every conceivable facet of media creation.

In essence, the Media Unit thrived as a catalyst for artistic expression, intellectual growth and technological proficiency. It fostered a culture where students were emboldened to transcend conventional boundaries, exploring the boundless possibilities of media as a means of communication. Through its unwavering dedication, the Media Unit became an indispensable pillar of the educational ecosystem, empowering students to articulate their visions, challenge societal norms and pave the way for a future driven by innovation and critical inquiry.

Social Service and Education: Cultivating Human Values

Compassion, understanding, and love, the quintessential human qualities, blossom through a myriad of proactive social and community service initiatives conducted throughout the academic year. Furthermore, we empower students to embark on their own social service projects, fostering a culture of empathy and benevolence.

A New Beginning: Empowering the Underprivileged through Education

In alignment with Theodore Roosevelt’s profound insight, “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad,” our inaugural mission to uplift underprivileged students in the community commenced on Saturday, September 15, 2018, at Oasis International School. This transformative project sprang from the visionary mind of Abdullah Nazeer, a promising student and former Head Boy, driven by unwavering determination, dedication, and an unyielding desire to pave the way for disadvantaged yet eager learners to attain a superior education.

Thirty-six indigent children, aged ten to sixteen, from Mihindu Maha Vidyalaya, a deprived school in the vicinity, and Handapangoda Vidyalaya, a needy rural college, eagerly participated in the primary learning program held from 9 am to 2 pm on that Saturday. The children were divided into two groups based on age: under and above twelve years old. The day commenced with an introductory session on the value of education, followed by collaborative activities allowing each child to introduce themselves to their fellow classmates. Abdullah, along with senior school students and IT personnel, provided tutoring in English Language, Mathematics, and ICT throughout the morning.

In essence, the project’s launch served as an eye-opener, instilling hope in the midst of despair. It also established an independent learning platform for students hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds. Abdullah and the senior school student team found the experience to be a productive endeavour, while all participants benefited from this effective and enriching educational undertaking.

Remarkably, the students being taught exhibited a remarkable art of positive thinking, undeterred by their challenging circumstances. Their buoyant spirits, inquisitive gazes and optimistic outlook epitomized their enthusiasm for the educational journey they embarked upon.

Armed with the power to inspire and motivate, Abdullah, equipped with leadership and managerial virtues, successfully rallied senior students in the school to selflessly and wholeheartedly contribute to teaching these underprivileged youngsters. The team’s dedication extended beyond passionate delivery of subject matter, encompassing meticulous planning and conscientious groundwork. Preparatory work involved devising student assessment criteria, conducting IQ evaluations, reviewing documents, crafting lesson plans and collecting effective teaching materials.

In synergy with his insightful team of young educators, Abdullah delivered an exceptional program, laying the foundation for a service-centred enterprise he christened “Illuminàre” and aspired to initiate. Symbolically, “Illuminàre” holds profound implications for enlightening students, enabling them to reach the highest echelons of education and ultimately transforming their lives for the better. Its motto, “Ad Astra Per Aspera,” meaning “to the stars through hardships,” encapsulates the ethos of this endeavour. Moreover, it is designed to be a sustainable initiative, with beneficiaries of the program continuing to contribute to its continuity by assisting other individuals in achieving its goals and objectives. As Albert Einstein succinctly affirmed, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Abdullah’s unwavering aspiration and commitment to the advancement of humanity, society and civilization make the betterment of society a shared responsibility rather than the burden of a select few. Such profound dedication echoes Einstein’s sentiment, emphasizing the significance of a life dedicated to serving others.


He realm of Speech and Spoken English lessons holds boundless potential in nurturing the blossoming of profound English language skills. With an unwavering dedication to refinement, these captivating classes eagerly welcome students from the Primary level and beyond, yearning to cultivate a mastery of eloquent expression.

Within the nurturing embrace of Oasis International School, a veritable sanctuary of knowledge, not only do students embark on a transformative journey of linguistic growth, but it also assumes the esteemed role of a practical examination centre. Here, the domains of Spoken English, Speech, and Effective Speaking intertwine harmoniously with the Institute of Western Music and Speech (IWMS) in Sri Lanka, imparting invaluable insights.

Originating from the venerable Act of Parliament No. 44 of 1988, the Institute stands as a testament to its commitment to the advancement of language and communication skills. Under its auspices, students find themselves meticulously prepared for the prestigious Speech and Spoken English Examinations, administered by the Institute. The fruits of their labour are manifest in the many accolades garnered by our diligent learners, achieving perfect scores and etching their names onto the annals of excellence.

In this fertile ground, students not only receive education but are lovingly groomed, honing their oratorical prowess to perfection. With unwavering determination, they enter the realm of examinations, equipped with an arsenal of linguistic finesse. Through their unwavering dedication, students emerge victorious, adorned with prestigious awards that bear witness to their unbridled talent and unparalleled achievements, with the distinction of attaining one hundred percent marks.

Thus, the harmonious blend of captivating lessons, the nurturing embrace of Oasis International School, and the esteemed partnership with the Institute of Western Music and Speech converge to propel students towards unparalleled success in their pursuit of eloquence in the English language.

Singithi Pola

Singithi Pola is an exceptional buy and sell market organized by students, aiming to raise funds for social service projects while offering an engaging and educational experience for all participants. This event has proven to be a remarkable initiative, benefiting both the community and the young minds involved.

One of the key advantages of Singithi Pola is its primary purpose – to generate funds for social service projects. By organizing this market, students not only contribute to their community’s well-being but also learn the importance of philanthropy and giving back to society. The funds raised are typically utilized for various social causes, such as supporting underprivileged children’s education, providing healthcare facilities to those in need, or supporting local environmental initiatives. Thus, the impact of Singithi Pola extends far beyond the event itself, positively affecting the lives of numerous individuals and communities.

Moreover, Singithi Pola offers a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a fun-filled experience for all participants. The market showcases a diverse range of stalls where students can sell various food items, healthy snacks and treats. This diversity not only attracts a wide audience but also encourages students to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

The event fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the students as they work together to plan and execute the market successfully. From designing promotional materials to managing finances and coordinating logistics, the students involved gain valuable skills in event management, marketing, finance, and teamwork. Singithi Pola serves as an experiential learning platform that equips students with practical skills, preparing them for real-world challenges and future endeavours.

Furthermore, Singithi Pola nurtures financial literacy among students. By participating in the market, they learn about pricing, budgeting, profit margins, and the importance of responsible financial management. These essential lessons empower them with financial knowledge and skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.

In addition to financial literacy, the market also encourages creativity and innovation. Students get the opportunity to showcase their talents and develop their entrepreneurial mindset by conceptualizing unique product ideas, designing attractive displays, and utilizing effective marketing strategies to attract customers. These experiences nurture their problem-solving abilities and foster an entrepreneurial spirit that can be applied in various aspects of their lives.

The success of Singithi Pola goes beyond monetary gains. The event serves as a platform for students to engage with the entire school community, fostering meaningful connections and understanding. It promotes social awareness and empathy, as students interact with diverse individuals and gain insights into the challenges faced by different segments of society.

In conclusion, Singithi Pola is a remarkable buy and sell market organized by students, offering numerous benefits to both the community and the participating students. It provides an avenue for raising funds for social service projects, cultivates financial literacy, enhances entrepreneurial skills, and promotes social awareness. This event stands as a testament to the transformative power of youth initiatives and their potential to create a positive impact on society while facilitating personal growth and development.