Customized Learning Pathways: Personalized Curriculum for Every Student and Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking: Our Innovative Curriculum By attending the primary at Oasis International School, students benefit from a well-rounded education, individualized attention, a supportive community and a nurturing learning environment, setting them on a path to academic and personal growth.

The Primary Section, spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 5, marks the initial phase of formal education following Pre-School. It presents students with the option to pursue either the Pearson Edexcel or the National Curriculums, tailoring their educational path accordingly. The Pearson Edexcel curriculum adheres to internationally recognized British standards, while the National Curriculum aligns with the local standards set by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.

Our primary focus at this stage is to foster a highly enriching and holistic learning experience. We aspire to promote the intellectual, emotional and physical development of our students, as well as their personal and social growth, building upon the educational objectives set during Pre-School. Our carefully designed curriculums, whether based on Pearson Edexcel or the National Curriculum, transcend the boundaries of fundamental reading, writing and arithmetic skills, embracing vibrancy, dynamism and entertainment.

The medium of instruction in the Primary Section is English. The core subjects taught encompass English Language, Language (Sinhala or Tamil), Mathematics, History and Geography, ICT, Religion, and Science. In addition to these subjects, aesthetic disciplines such as Art and Handwork, Dancing, Elocution and Music are integrated into the Core Curriculum. Furthermore, we offer a diverse range of Extracurricular activities, including in-house Swimming, Football, Cricket, Karate, Chess and Choir. We strongly encourage our students to actively participate in these activities, as they play a vital role in their holistic education. To facilitate such endeavours, our school provides excellent facilities such as a well-resourced Library, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories, two IT Suites, a Swimming Pool and Music, Art, and Dancing Rooms, allowing students to explore a wide range of Core and Extracurricular electives.

Aligned with our motto of ‘Imparting Knowledge and Building Character,’ our ultimate aim is to nurture individuals who not only excel academically but also possess a well-rounded education, characterized by kindness, compassion and care. In our pursuit of excellence, we instil human values such as Love, Humility, Responsibility, Integrity and Gratitude, which serve as our guiding principles. We actively promote these values through practical engagement in community service projects.

To enrich the educational experience, we organize school excursions throughout the academic year. These outings are carefully chosen to align with the topics covered in the classroom, allowing students to deepen their understanding of nature reserves, historical and geographical landmarks and other significant places in Sri Lanka. Accompanied by their teachers, pupils embark on these educational trips, creating memorable and meaningful experiences.

We firmly believe that parental involvement positively impacts a child’s academic performance. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents of students in the Pre-School and Primary years to actively participate in their children’s education.

Immensely careful consideration is given to the selection of our teachers and the instructional materials provided to ensure progressive and comprehensive development of our students’ knowledge. Our teachers possess relevant qualifications, including Bachelor’s Degrees and Diplomas, along with years of experience teaching children in the Primary Grades. They strive not only to cultivate academic excellence but also to develop students’ personal and social skills. Nurturing self-confidence, assertiveness and conviction, our teachers foster responsibility and encourage participation in competitive events.

The teachers in our Primary Section are highly qualified professionals specializing in early childhood education. Their expertise and credentials span a range of fields, including Art, Buddhism, Catholicism, Education, English, Hinduism, ICT, Islam, Computer Studies, Child Psychology, Dancing, Mathematics, Music, Bio-Science, Sinhala, Speech and Drama and Tamil.

In addition to our regular curriculum, we also offer supplementary and supportive classes in the Primary Section. These classes reflect our unwavering commitment to maintaining high academic standards. Our dedicated team of teachers organizes these classes to elevate each child’s proficiency in all subjects. These supportive and supplementary classes are scheduled after school hours and, on occasion, during school holidays. We ensure that these extra classes do not clash with the Extracurricular activities offered, prioritizing a well-rounded educational experience for our students.

The primary at Oasis International School offers core benefits to students, including:

The primary program at Oasis International School focuses on building a solid foundation in core subjects such as math, language, religion, science and social studies. Students develop essential skills and knowledge that form the basis for their academic journey.

The primary emphasizes the holistic development of students, nurturing their physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. The primary school program incorporates a well-rounded curriculum that includes arts, physical education and character development.

Oasis International School employs qualified and experienced teachers who specialize in early childhood education. They provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment, tailored to meet the needs of young learners.

The primary maintains small class sizes, allowing teachers to provide individualized attention to each student. This personalized approach helps identify and address students’ strengths, challenges and learning styles.

The primary classrooms at Oasis International School are designed to be interactive and engaging. They are equipped with age-appropriate resources and materials, fostering hands-on learning, creativity and critical thinking.

The primary places emphasis on language development, including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students are exposed to a variety of literature and receive guidance to enhance their communication abilities.

Oasis International School values cultural diversity and promotes cultural awareness and appreciation. Students have opportunities to learn about different cultures, traditions and perspectives, fostering an inclusive and respectful environment.

The primary program at Oasis International School emphasizes character education and values such as respect, empathy, integrity and responsibility. Students develop positive character traits and learn to be good citizens.

The primary encourages parental involvement and maintains open communication between parents and teachers. Parents are engaged in their child’s education through regular updates, parent-teacher conferences and opportunities to participate in school activities.

The primary program prepares students for the transition to higher grades and sets a strong foundation for their future academic success. Students develop essential skills, study habits and a love for learning that will benefit them throughout their educational journey.

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