Principal’s Message

Charting a Course of Success and Setting the Tone for a Successful School: A Message from the Principal, Education Consultant, and Managing Director.


Dear friends and visitors,

On behalf of everyone at OASIS International School, let me extend a very warm welcome to our school and wonderful community where students learn and develop in a vibrant and nurturing multicultural environment.

At OIS, we offer our students a comprehensive education from pre-school, delivering both an education in the National Curriculum (English medium) up to grade 11 and International (Edexcel) prospectus up to year 13. Our school founded in the year 2000 has a strong track record of outstanding academic results.

Our staff are deeply passionate about delivering holistic education so that your child will become a well-rounded and confident adult who contributes productively to their community.

The school has a strong sports and Extra-Curricular Activities provision. Students can participate in many activities such as cricket, chess, futsal, karate, music, speech and drama, as well as swimming. These activities will help to develop student’s interests and will encourage them to advance in the areas of interest beyond the school.

We firmly believe that every child can exceed and that the cooperation between home and school builds trust and self-esteem in students so that our students can use their highest potential to shape their future, consequently, the future of our community and our nation.

As your Principal, I promise to keep students at the forefront of every decision we make as a school.  We will strive to teach and provide students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to have a successful future.  We will encourage and teach curiosity, problem-solving, and instill a life-long love of learning.  And most of all, every child will be valued and cared for.

Selecting the right school for your child is a very important decision. We are confident you will find OASIS International School is a very good choice for your child’s education. Please take some time to explore our website and discover the many exciting facets of our school and do not hesitate to contact our school for more information.  I look forward to welcoming you and your family to OIS!

Kalum Hewage



Dear esteemed Parents and Students,

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that I introduce to you the Oasis International School Curriculum—a visionary program that has been meticulously crafted to unleash the full potential of our students, regardless of their chosen path or geographical location. Our curriculum offers an extensive array of subjects, fostering exploration of individual interests while ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential course requirements.

At Oasis International School, we firmly believe that genuine education transcends the mere acquisition of facts found within the pages of textbooks. It encompasses the holistic development of one’s character, personality, values, integrity and humility. We understand that education plays a pivotal role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, moulding their beliefs and guiding their actions. As students progress to higher levels of education, the cultivation of character and humility becomes indispensable. A robust, vibrant and profound character, combined with genuine receptiveness to humility, should accompany education as inseparable companions on the path to success.

Learning is an ongoing and perpetual journey that extends throughout our lives. It is a process that continually shapes our minds, refining our thought patterns and propelling us towards excellence. The strength of our intellectual faculties sets us apart, enabling us to excel in our endeavours and make a lasting impact on the world.

Just as gold withstands scorching flames before being transformed into exquisite jewellery, the mind too must face trials and challenges before achieving greatness. This is why we firmly assert that higher education is a crucial pursuit that follows formal schooling. It is through higher education that the foundations laid in our formative years are fortified, and our potential is truly unleashed. By fostering a love for lifelong learning and providing a nurturing environment, we equip our students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

As an education consultant, it is my utmost pleasure and privilege to assist you in achieving your educational goals. Our dedicated team of educators and staff at Oasis International School is committed to providing a world-class education that not only imparts knowledge but also instils in our students a passion for learning, a sense of social responsibility and the skills to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join our Oasis International School family—a community that values excellence, embraces diversity, and cherishes the pursuit of knowledge. Together, let us embark on a remarkable journey of growth, discovery and achievement.

M. D. Tarusha Gunasena

MBA, MArch, Dipl in Arch, BArch(hons)(Glasgow University)

Education Consultant


A very warm welcome to the Oasis International School. Ever since our inception in 2000, our mission has always been to provide an outstanding education and inspire students to become tomorrow’s leaders. We encourage students to engage in both academic and enriching extra-curricular programs. We ensure that the students are self-motivated, set high expectations for themselves, enjoy school and are rewarded for their achievements.

Our school has earned its outstanding reputation through its student successes, its rigorous education program, its excellent and dedicated staff, its caring community and its engagement in social and global issues.

Our unique International and local curriculum develops student learning and understanding, a culture of thinking, inquiry and reflection, resilience and independence, always focused upon developing the whole child. Beyond the classroom, we offer students many opportunities to reach the highest levels of attainment and performance.

Our students regularly participate in music competitions, theatre and debate and in a wide range of competitive and recreational sporting events, social responsibility learning and outdoor activities.

We hope that by browsing our website you will gain insight into the many opportunities and challenges that we offer our students and we would be delighted to welcome you to the school and to show you around our school. Please do not hesitate to contact our Admission Office if you like further information.

M. D. Rajiv Gunasena

Managing Director