Oasis International School student and parent testimonials hold great significance. They offer genuine perspectives on the school’s educational environment, curriculums and support systems, aiding prospective students and parents in making well-informed choices. These testimonials also serve as compelling evidence of the school’s effectiveness and commitment to fostering a positive learning experience, instilling confidence and trust in the institution among potential stakeholders.

"My heartfelt gratitude towards my alma mater, OIS, knows no bounds, for it has bestowed upon me a profound sense of indebtedness. The school's unwavering commitment to delivering a solid academic foundation has undeniably served as the bedrock for my personal growth and development. The comprehensive education I received at OIS has not only equipped me with knowledge but has also fostered critical thinking skills, creativity and a thirst for lifelong learning. The solid academic foundation provided by OIS has been instrumental in shaping my character, enabling me to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and competence."
Student Of 2010, Imesh - Pilot at Fits Air
"Last year marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our son, Hamood, as he embarked on his educational path at Oasis International School. To this day, his enthusiasm for attending school remains unwavering, a testament to the exceptional experience provided by OIS. The remarkable dedication exhibited by the school's teachers and staff has left an indelible impression on us. OIS stands out for more than just its commitment to academic excellence; it offers an extraordinary array of physical activities, including invigorating swimming classes. This holistic approach ensures that Hamood not only receives a solid education but also enjoys a well-rounded and fulfilling school experience. We are immensely grateful to OIS for enriching our son's life with the finest education and a nurturing environment. The remarkable efforts of the school have made a lasting impact, shaping Hamood into the confident and enthusiastic student he is today. Thank you, Oasis International School, for being a beacon of educational excellence and providing our son with an exceptional foundation for his future."
Parents of Hamood
"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation to every dedicated teacher and the entire management team who tirelessly strive to shape the minds of future generations. The promotion of numerous extra-curricular activities is greatly valued and highly encouraged. I am truly grateful to OIS for their unwavering commitment in fostering the development of exceptional individuals on our remarkable journey."
Parents of Seyon
"I carefully selected this school for my son, Rithik, with the firm belief that it would offer him a comprehensive and outstanding education, encompassing both academic excellence and a wide range of extracurricular activities. I am thrilled to express that the educational journey he has embarked upon has far surpassed my initial expectations. It brings me immense joy to witness the remarkable transformation in Rithik, as he has developed a heightened sense of imagination, discipline, and curiosity in all his endeavors. Furthermore, his newfound confidence has flourished, contributing to his overall growth and development."
Parents of Rithik
"We are brimming with enthusiasm for the upcoming days, and our hearts overflow with gratitude towards OIS. The unwavering dedication and care you consistently provide to us parents and our children never cease to amaze us. Our best wishes go out to OIS, and we eagerly anticipate enrolling our third son, Eesa Riyaz, in your esteemed institution."
Parents of Ihsan Riyaz
"I never expected to feel such an overwhelming sense of exhilaration and joy in being away from home without my parents. Initially, I anticipated a wave of fear to wash over me, but instead, I find myself reveling in an abundance of incredible experiences, leaving little room for homesickness to take hold."
Student Ihsan Riyaz
"We greatly value the significance of nurturing our children's creativity across every level and facet of their education, and I have been truly amazed by the extraordinary provisions for fostering creativity at OIS. Witnessing the remarkable growth and brilliance of both our sons from their early years in Primary grades (2014-present) has undoubtedly been the pinnacle of our immensely gratifying journey as proud OIS parents."
Parents of Zeeshan Riyaz
"As parents, we wholeheartedly express our gratitude to the teachers for their unwavering dedication, support, teamwork and above all, their remarkable patience. We have had the privilege of observing remarkable advancements in our son's growth, progressing at an astonishing pace. Discovering a school that possesses the remarkable ability to foster such significant leaps of progress in our child has brought us immense joy. We deeply value the entire leadership of Oasis International School for their commitment to maintaining high teaching standards and their proactive response to our input. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and extend our heartfelt thanks."
Parents of Abdul Khaliq
"Oasis International School is an extraordinary educational institution, surpassing all others for our child. From the moment we stepped foot on its premises, we were captivated by the school's nurturing atmosphere and impeccable suitability for our child's unique personality. The tremendous potential that resonates within Oasis International School became abundantly clear to us. Within its walls, Oasis International School houses a cadre of exceptional teachers, administrators, and amicable students who have played an integral role in propelling Shamail to remarkable heights in every grade. Witnessing the school's consistent growth and development, year after year, has left us utterly impressed and deeply appreciative. In summary, Oasis International School stands as an unrivaled institution, providing an exceptional educational experience and fostering a warm and caring environment. It is through this remarkable combination that our child has flourished, exceeding expectations and reaching new academic heights."
Parents of M. Shamail Shabith
"As proud parents of two wonderful daughters, we were determined to find a school that fostered their natural love for learning without subjecting them to undue pressure. It was with this mindset that we discovered OIS International School, and we couldn't be more delighted with our decision. From the moment we stepped through its doors, we were greeted with open arms and a sense of tranquillity that put our minds at ease. Now, every morning fills our hearts with joy as we witness our daughters eagerly and confidently making their way to school. Gone are the days of coercion and stress; instead, they anticipate a day filled with excitement and discovery. Though our time at OIS has only spanned a few short months, the impact has been profound, and our experience thus far has been nothing short of exceptional. We extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated teachers who have shown unwavering care, support, and patience towards our children. Their commitment to fostering a nurturing environment is truly commendable, and we are immensely grateful for their invaluable contributions. With heartfelt appreciation, we express our sincere thanks to everyone at OIS International School for enriching our daughters' educational journey."
Parents of Oshandi and Savandi
"I am deeply grateful for the unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment of our teachers, whose passion and expertise continue to ignite inspiration and knowledge within their students. The tangible impact of their tireless efforts in the realm of education is evident through the practical and real-life examples they incorporate into their teachings. By not only encouraging physical activities in the mornings but also fostering participation in Extra-Curricular Activities, our teachers demonstrate an exceptional level of care and support that is truly commendable. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the educators at OIS, who consistently go above and beyond, ensuring that my daughter receives nothing short of an exceptional education. The remarkable manner in which classes are conducted is a testament to their incredible skills. From the depths of my heart, I extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you."
Parents of S. Himadhri
"I highly endorse OIS, my school, to all potential newcomers who seek an unparalleled educational journey. By choosing OIS, you open the doors to a remarkable school life experience that surpasses all expectations. The array of knowledge, invaluable experiences, and comprehensive education offered at OIS will undoubtedly equip you for a prosperous future, enriching your life beyond measure. Prepare to embark on a transformative academic path that will propel you further than you could ever fathom. "
Student Zeeshan Riyaz